Learning More About Celebrity Sex Addicts

One notable fact about sex is that , most people are not shy about declaring how much of sex enthusiasts they are. However it is important to note that a good thing can also be destructive in nature is someone becomes overly obsessive with it. One notable trend about the celebrity life is that most celebrities are sex addicts and you can click here now! to indulge more on this gossip. David Duchovny will forever remain a favorite actor to many view here! to learn more about him. The aforesaid actor’s life has however been painted with sex addiction and to get more of that story proceed to click on the previous link.

One thing about Billy Bob Thornton is that his sex addiction has seen him marry up to a record time of six times and even though he nothing can ever stop him from his sex addiction since even when he was once sent to a therapist by his then wife Angelina Jolie, he still went ahead and slept with his therapist, funnies t story in history. When we talk about Charlie Sheen so many negative traits are fronted since his sex addiction has seen him go through so much but he still cannot stop and reflect on himself and apart from contracting HIV he even admitted to sleeping with women that were unsuspecting of his status including his girlfriend.

Infidelity can cost one a relationship and this is one thing that Michael Douglas knows too well but this has never stopped him from being continuously promiscuous in his current relationship. When one mixes their career life and other unbecoming behaviors one thing that happens is that everything will come haunting them and in the same line we refer to Amber Smith a once reknown model that ruined her career through sex addiction and substance abuse but the good news is that she is no longer stuck in the habit. They say age is just but a number but none knows this too well other than Jack Nicholson who even at age 82 is still a sex addicted bachelor. One thing that our beloved sex symbol Britney Spears has been reknown to love a little bit more other than music is a little bit more of orgies and marathon sex and more of this can be seen from our home page.

Tiger Woods is also one celebrity that has openly been accused of sex addiction. Click here for more info.

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